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Find the Right Crane Truck to Get the Job Done

The Heave Ho Crane Co.® fleet features various sizes of crane truck ("boom truck") units, each designed and configured for a different range of capabilities. Based on your particular needs and site conditions, we'll select just the right crane truck you need for your job to save you time and money. Contact us to learn more about renting a crane truck in Houston.

Designed for Specific Site Conditions

Our specially designed and configured 1-ton "stick truck" is ideal for special site conditions. It's very useful in performing lifts in very tight quarters and in areas with low overhead clearance, such as parking garages.

Available in Different Sizes with a Variety of Components

We offer many different configurations of crane truck ("boom truck) units, ranging in size from 10-ton to 40-ton. Each is equipped with varying boom, jib, and rigging configurations to accommodate your own special lift requirements.

Customized to Meet Your Needs

We'll select the appropriate unit to send to your job, depending upon the weight of the lift and the height and reach required to complete the lift. Call us today for a free quote or estimate.